Kai Chang

Opportunistic Friendships

Have you ever had the experience of knowing someone who later on became a Big Shot, and find yourself wishing you were nicer to them/more involved with them, back when they were your peer?

I know I have.

Business idea: FAIR WEATHER FRIENDFINDER (FWFF). An app/social media scraper bot that constantly scans your friends, co-workers, acquaintances and relatives, tracking their career/business successes.
FWFF will alert you to people in your life who have reached the cusp of becoming hard-to-reach big shots … just in time for you to befriend them, offer then that critically-needed bridge loan before their startup takes off, or give them life-changing advice right before they win a Nobel Prize/Governorship/Senate seat/Partnership at Goldman Sachs, thus enshrining you into their “inner circle” that would be impossible to penetrate, *after* they’ve reached their elevated status of success.

FWFF helps you calculate how much effort/energy to invest in casual relationships, based on factors like your existing relationship to the Potential Future Big Shot (PFBS), how late into a PFBS’s career success trajectory can you insert yourself and still be considered “a friend from way back,” and what the statistically highest-ROI sorts of help these PFBS’s would be more grateful for.
There are people from your childhood who are now billionaires, titans of industry, movie stars, million-record-selling musicians and power brokers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get in on the ground floor and be introduced by these Big Shots as their “friend from childhood,” instead of randomly befriending people who end up going nowhere in life?

Download FWFF today and find the PFBS of tomorrow!!!

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